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Admissions to the Academy comply with the schools admissions code 2012 and all relevant legislation, including that on infant class sizes and equal opportunities.


The school has an admission number of 52 for the nursery intake in 2023.  Applications will only be accepted if the child will have reached their third birthday by 31st August 2023.  Application forms are available at the school office from the first week of November 2022 for parents wishing for their child to attend the Nursery in September 2023.  Applications must be submitted by 11th January 2023.

The parents of children who are to begin nursery for the first time in September will be contacted by their child's teacher. Parents will be able to discuss with their child's teacher any concerns they may have or to discuss confidentially any issues regarding their child and his/her education.


The school has an admission number of 60 for the reception intake in 2023. The school’s current admission policy is operated by Thurrock Council Admissions Team. Information about the arrangements for admissions is set out in the ‘Primary School Admissions Brochure’. Copies of this booklet and application form are available on request from Thurrock Council School Admissions Team on 01375 390000 (main switchboard), on the school’s website or Thurrock School Admissions - click here. Parents of reception children in Thurrock will be required in the autumn term prior to the school year of admission, to complete a Local Authority application form stating preferences for up to four schools - click here for the admissions timetable.

If there are more applications to the Academy than available places within the admission limit, the following oversubscription criteria will be used for deciding which applications have priority, set out below in the order in which they are applied:

  • Looked After Children
  • Catchment area siblings
  • Catchment area children
  • Non-catchment area siblings
  • Non-catchment area children

When do children start school?

The law says that children must start their education no later than the beginning of the term after their fifth birthday.

Applying for a place at West Thurrock Academy

Whilst it is helpful if parents can let school know at an early date if they would like their children to attend in due course, such expressions of interest do not constitute registering a child, nor placing a child’s name on a waiting list nor being offered a place. Offers of places can only be confirmed in writing during the academic year before the child is due to start school.

After a place has been allocated

In the term prior to a child's entry into school, arrangements are made either for a home visit or a telephone consultation with parents. This is an opportunity for your child's teacher to learn more about your child and for you to learn more about your child's teacher.

The 1989 Children's Act requires schools to keep a register of all adults with parental responsibility but not living in the same house as the child. If relevant, please indicate the names and addresses of such adults in the relevant place on the admission forms.

In-year admissions

In-year admissions (any child wishing to join the school after the September intake of pre-5 year olds) are handled by Thurrock Admissions. Please contact Thurrock Council for further information, see below or In Year Admissions - click here.

School Admissions Conditions

Admission Arrangements Policy 2022

School Catchment Areas 2023-2024

In Year Admissions Guide

In Year Admissions Application Form